Privates + Parties

At TULA we are strive to find a way that makes you comfortable moving your body and discovering ways to find and surpass your comfort zone while building strength and confidence in your practice. Our teachers are happy to offer both private (and small group/couples) sessions as well as parties of up to 30. If you are interested, please reach out to us directly and we can put you in touch with a teacher you wish to practice with. Email us directly at FMI.



In addition to her public class schedule, Holly Martzial offers private, small group and special event yoga and barre classes in the Portland area.

Her teaching style focuses on functional movement, solid alignment and strength; encouraging her students to establish healthy movement patterns on the mat that will benefit their daily lives off the mat. Her classes often move at a slower pace, but pack plenty of challenge and sweat.

Holly keeps her class themes relevant and down to Earth - she strives to apply the teachings of yoga to modern day culture with a no-bullshit, keep it real attitude. Holly encourages laughter and inquisitiveness in the classroom, and always comes prepared with an epic playlist.

Kelley Veogelin | Yoga

Kelley Voegelin is a Registered Yoga Teacher with over 600 hours of training. She teaches multiple forms of yoga, including Vinyasa, Prenatal, Restorative and Yin. Her studies in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine inspire her own practice and teaching methods. Her classes are often informed by seasonal practices, mudra & meditation.

Kelley offers a welcoming flow infused with clear alignment, breath awareness and mental focus. She believes in yoga’s ability to benefit everyone and in the profound balance and wellness that it brings her and her students. Kelley aims to challenge, nurture and inspire her students and believes yoga should always be available to everyone.

Kelley teaches group classes, workshops, and does Yoga Teacher Trainings in Maine and New York. She also offers private and semi-private lessons where each session is catered toward the needs of the specific individual. Making art, writing, gardening and being with her dog are just a few of the pleasures that fill her spare time. Find out more about Kelley at

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elizabeth april | Yoga + Barre

Elizabeth, a RYT, received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 from YogaWorks in Santa Monica, CA, lead by Annie Carpenter and Sonya Cottle and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 from Down Under Yoga in Brookline, MA.

Known for her alignment based classes, paired with creative and intelligent sequencing, Elizabeth hopes her students leave class feeling balanced, inspired, and taken care of. She strives to create space safe for every body to explore and discover a practice that serves them and that they can carry with them through all phases of life.

Brand new to yoga or wanting to deepen your practice or somewhere in between, Elizabeth is available for private and semi -private sessions.  Loving to create a customized experience and rooted in your anatomy, you will together dissect the practice to suite your goals. Having trained under Andrea Isabelle Lucas at Barre & Soul in Melrose, Ma, Elizabeth received her 100-hour Barre Training in 2014.  Her barre classes are filled with all your favorite barre movements, communicated with clear alignment to help you work efficiently and effectively.  The hard work is paired with deep stretches to ensure you leave balanced.

Like-wise to yoga, Elizabeth is available for private and semi-private sessions inspired by your favorite barre classes.  These sessions can be to target specific parts of the body or for the whole body and again your time together will be designed specifically for you. 


Brian has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 6 years, with a focus on Yin yoga as active recovery for athletes. He has a love of teaching beginners and a knack for breaking down poses in simple terms to make them manageable to newer yogis as well as refocusing those with experience. His approach is science-based and he brings a strong understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body to his lessons. His passion for outdoor sports and recreation and experience as a mountain biker and trail runner help to bring a unique focus to his teaching style. Brian lives in Portland, and is currently pursuing a degree in Nursing. When he's not hitting the books or his mat, you'll find him riding or running on the trails of Greater Portland with his dog, Arrow.



Jess moved recently from Boston, MA where she taught at Back Bay Yoga (now Yogaworks Boston) since completing her 200 hour training in June 2011. Jess has had the privilege of studying regularly with Lynne Begier, Kate Greer, Renee LeBlanc and Caitlyn Graham Visconte, as well as, many other incredibly talented teachers. Upon moving to Portland, Jess completed a 100 hour barre teacher training with Elizabeth April. 

Jess completed the Occupational Therapy Masters program at Boston University, and strives to incorporate her knowledge of anatomy to create a healthy, safe, and playful environment in class. Jess is available for both private and semi-private instruction in yoga and barre.

Rebecca thompson | Aerial Yoga

Rebecca believes through mindful movement people can find more harmony, joy and peace. She began practicing yoga regularly in 2008 the day after she finished her Master’s Degree in Nursing. Initially drawn to the physical challenges Yoga provided, Rebecca truly found her practice 7 years ago after an injury. She turned toward a Yin inspired home practice and meditation to help heal her injury so she could slowly return to classes. She found that she was able to find more mental clarity and peace the more she practiced. In 2015 Rebecca dove deeper into her practice, completing her 200 hour YTT with Todd Norian in Ashaya Yoga.  She used Yoga in her Private Psychiatry Practice to help people struggling with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and other mental health conditions. Rebecca has a keen and practiced ability to assess individual needs, meeting her clients as they come to her. She completed her Aerial 1 YTT in 2018 with Lily Dougher after falling in love with the way Aerial Yoga inspires playfulness, freedom and FUN! Over time her daily practice has developed into free movement intertwined with pranayama - deeply inspired by yoga, functional movement, nature and intuitive creativity. Rebecca’s greatest strength is her ability to ignite passion for movement in a therapeutic and fun way! To see what people say about Rebecca visit her Facebook page Love4Life Yoga or visit her on Instagram at @love4life_yoga

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