REIKI with sami

Reiki : Everything is energy. When we eat a food that nourishes us, move in a way that feels good, or take in a good book, it is all a transference of energy. Reiki is a technique that involves the laying of hands of one person (the giver) to another (the receiver), to promote the channelling of life force energy from the environment to specific parts of the body that may need it. This can be extremely beneficial if we are feeling emotionally, mentally, or physically “stuck” or “stagnant”. Everyone benefits from Reiki, but those who may find significant value include people experiencing grief and loss, people in chemotherapy or undergoing other treatments, pregnant women, people experiencing extreme fatigue, and more. Reiki sessions are 30 or 60 minutes long. Samantha underwent her Reiki attunement in Cusco, Peru in 2015 and has worked with various populations since. She is also certified in Chakra Cleansing and other energy & bodywork techniques.


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