Valid for 1 regularly scheduled class.

Valid for 10 regularly scheduled class visit. Expires 3 months from purchase date. 

Valid for 20 regularly scheduled class visits. Expires 4 months from purchase date.


Valid for 30 regularly scheduled class visits. Expires 6 months from purchase date.




Valid for 30 days of unlimited regularly scheduled classes. Expires 30 days from purchase date. 



Valid for 90 days of unlimited regularly scheduled classes. Expires 90 days from purchase date.



Valid for 6 months of unlimited regularly scheduled classes. Expires 6 months from purchase date.



Valid for 365 days of unlimited regularly scheduled classes. Expires 365 days form purchase 

March Madness Pass Sale

Pass Sale from March 1 - March 31, 2019. All March Madness Pass Sale Passes are valid for 3 months from purchase date. No extensions.

10 class pass > $100

20 class pass > $200

30 class pass > $300

40 class pass > $400

March Madness Challenge

Step 1: Take your picture, post it & commit to trying something new & fun as we make the final push into Spring! Add your name to the list on the wall.

Step 2: Attend a balance of spin/aerial/barre classes. Each time you attend a class, add a sticker to your name on the wall.

Attend 2 spin/2 aerial/2 barre classes > Get a 2 class pass

Attend 5 spin/5 aerial/5 barre classes > Get a 5 class pass

Attend 10 spin/10 aerial/10 barre classes > Get a 10 class pass

Step 3: The Challenge ends on March 31, 2019. You must fulfill all the requirements of the bracket in order to complete the Round and win the pass.

Rules of the game: you must attend the minimum number of classes for each round of the bracket. Your class pass will be added to your account on April 1. The free class pass expires July 1, 2019.



Purchase policies:  All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Only partners/husbands/wives may share class passes. All passes activate on the day of purchase and pass expiration dates are firm. Often if we have a pass sale, the expiration dates may be shorter.

Pre Registration ensures your spot in all classes. Please note you must early cancel at least 3 hours before class starts otherwise it will be considered late cancel and you will still be charged. Therefore, to not be charged for pre-reserved class, you must cancel out of the class within 3 hours of the class start time. In the event that the class is full, your spot may be given to a waiting student if you are not present five minutes before the official class starting time.

Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates are not applicable towards workshop fees. All workshops are hosted by private instructors and therefore must be paid for separately. Gift certificates can be purchases for specific workshops. Promotions do not apply to workshop fees.

New Student Sampler:

Welcome! For $30, new students to Tula can purchase a 2-week unlimited class pass.

This pass let's you attend as many scheduled classes as you'd like so you can try different classes and different teachers. We just request that if you have signed up for a class that you are unable to attend, please cancel so a wait list student can take your spot. Your 2 weeks starts on the day you purchase your pass.