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Cycling for Beginners

So you want to know what 'Spin Class' is all about?

Maybe you are looking for an indoor cardio activity to get you through this long, Maine winter ahead? Or a low-impact sport to keep you active without heavy strain on your body? Or, you've heard it's so much fun, you have to try?

Join Caitlin for a Beginners Cycling workshop. We will take the time to learn the WHY's of what we're doing before we learn the HOW's of what we're doing.

This workshop will be 30 minutes of learning how to set-up our bikes, proper physical alignment, and why cycling is so amazing for our entire body. When we're ready, we will embark on a 30 minute beginner cycle ride, mastering all the positions and feeling the strength our body uses to get us up hills and through sprints. After the How's and the Why's, we'll enjoy a 20 minute deep stretch yoga practice to ensure we are properly stretched in our mind and body after our ride.

This workshop is for those who have never been on a bike AND for those who are interested in learning more about how to get stronger by riding their bike.

Workshop is limited to 10 people.

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Bring: water
Wear: exercise clothes (preferable fitted pants or shorts) & stiff sneakers. 

You will leave feeling more comfortable on your indoor bike, with information to refer back to, and feeling stronger and happier!