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Open Hips. Open Heart. Free Mind.

Yin Yoga. Restorative Yoga. Yoga Nidra. Live Drumming. 

Are you ready to release old emotions, tension and negative energy? Do you want to free up space in your body and mind for whatever is coming next for you? During this candlelit two hour Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra workshop with live drumming, you will leave the external world behind as you sink into Yin Yoga poses specifically sequenced to open your hips and your heart. You will continue to journey inward by relaxing deeply into comfortable Restorative Yoga postures to release tension, while creating balance and ease in the body. We will be focusing on heart opening poses to invite more love and compassion in, as we release the tension in the upper back and hip openers to release stuck emotions. Can you imagine the tension melting away already? You will then drift off into bliss through Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a deep, guided meditation and visualization that opens your heart to call in your deepest desires. Yoga Nidra means "sleep with trace awareness". It often brings you to deep physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Show yourself some love and care, while going inward and receiving the healing benefits of rest.

Please come 5-10 minutes early to prepare your body and mind for deep rest and deep nourishment. See you on your mat!

January 26th from 6-8pm

This event is $35 Space is limited, Register online at

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