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FREE** Kundalini Yoga Class


Saturday November 11th 10-11:30am


Want to clear the habitual patterns and thoughts from the subconscious mind that prevent you from fully accessing, receiving and experiencing abundance and prosperity?  Come have a powerful and personal experience of Kundalini Yoga, where you will learn and practice; kriyas (yogic exercises), meditations and mantras all designed to increase your energy, magnetize more of what you truly desire and move beyond your limiting beliefs and habitual patterns that no longer serve you.     

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. A transportation system, Kundalini Yoga connects you with your own higher consciousness and is designed to help you maneuver our complex modern reality with grace, integrity and vitality.  This ancient yogic science and technology was brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan to support us during this Aquarian Age of self mastery. This practice gives you a skill set and tool set to embody a high caliber of energy, which in turn allows you to be healthier and happier in your life, your relationships and your work.  Kundalini Yoga consists of kriyas (yogic exercises), meditations, mantras (sound technology), pranayams (yogic breathing techniques) and mudras.  It is an accelerated path to spiritual growth with tangible physical, mental and emotional results available to anyone who practices consistently. 

*no prior kundalini or yoga experience necessary