TULA ROPES + SLINGS: This restorative yoga class is based on the original Iyengar yoga. Using ropes and slings attached to the wall, this class is designed to help find alignment, length and balance in your body. Perfect for those who are looking for an introduction to yoga, using the rope wall as a “hand’s on”-assist and for those who are seeking a yoga practice that can be taken off the mat to support the body.

YIN FOR ATHLETES: This Yin Yoga class is open to all levels. The flow of this class focuses on finding the deepest point of your stretch - and holding for a matter of minutes. Allowing yourself to breathe into the stretch, perhaps taking it further, as your breath goes into your point of activation, before moving into the next stretch. This class welcomes all levels of yogis and while it designed for movers, runners, skiers, spinners, it is also recommended for those whole sit, drive, stand, or walk all day. Taking the time to breathe into your body. 

AERIAL YIN: This is a very special class designed to give you a chance to use the aerial hammock in a whole different way. The yin poses will be done with the support of the hammock only a coupe inches off of the ground. Having the hammock at such a low height erases any fear factor of falling and it also adds additional support for places of the body that would normally be pressed down on the floor. Yin yoga in itself is a great way to stretch the body and get into all of the connective tissues that normally get forgotten. Adding the hammock you get to increase the stretch and add a little fun.



TULA BARRE: 50 minutes of isolated movements to help strengthen, tone, and elongate your muscles; all while listening to your favorite tunes. This will also include using hand weights, bands, and core ball props. This is great for all levels + all ages.

TULA YOGA TONE: A full-body strengthening class, mat-based, and designed loosely around a yoga flow class. This class will incorporate strength-building moves (think: planks!) with yoga-influenced postures. Perfect for those who are looking to build strengthening into their yoga practice and for those who are looking for an accessible strength building class.

TULA AERIAL TONE: Bringing the best of both aerial yoga and strength-building into one class. Blending the two physically together to create a soul and body experience. Increasing flexibility, lengthening & toning muscles, and connecting within. This class is an aerial flow class which incorporates strength-building movements. A perfect addition to your aerial practice or an optimal way to enjoy the hammocks while focusing on full-body strength building.


TULA BURN: (All levels) Burn whatever you've got; ride hard, fast, and to loud beats. The music will keep you going while your heart rate takes a roller coaster ride. Burn away your fears, your day, or that whoopie pie you had for breakfast. This class welcomes riders of all levels. Please keep in mind, this class is designed for experienced riders, let your instructor know this if you are a beginner rider. 

TULA BREEZE: (Beginner/Intermediate Spin Class) Keep your heart rate moving to some breezy beats with small weight intervals for a full-body workout. Everyone will enjoy this ride. Please arrive early so you can properly learn how to set up your bike and get set up to ride! This class is designed for the beginner level rider, moving through the sequence and enjoying the recoveries in between. This class welcomes riders of all levels and guarantees a fun & sweaty work out for all!

BURN + BUILD: Starting off with a 30 minute ride followed with an express 20 minute workout on your mat. We will spend 30 minutes in a full out ride; taking on hills, jumps and sprints before moving to our mats. After our muscles are warm and our heart rate is up, we will continue using isometric movements to strengthen and tone the arms, core, and legs before a sweet cool down and stretch. This class is perfect for anyone who is interested in spin and core workout but enjoys the combo express of each.  

BURN + BREATHE: It's all about the balance! Starting off with a full 30 minute ride on your bike, briefly utilizing arm weights to fully engage our whole body, and finishing with a 20 minutes of deep stretching + cool down. Allowing the chance to put your all into your ride - knowing that a relaxing stretch is right around the bend.