TULA FLOW: 75 minutes to create space in your mind + body. Link your movements to you breath and build strength and flexibility, too.  - All levels will enjoy this class. 

TULA FLOW II: Step up the flow with this class; faster movements, less direction, more sweat. Not recommended for beginners, should have previous experience.    

TULA RESTORE: No-flow yoga, use lots of props to help support your body relax and restore your nervous system with minimal movement; great for active and stressed out people...basically, all of us.  

TULA RELEASE: Release everything from today with these deep stretches. 

TULA SUPPORT: Using yoga therapeutics and props to increase range of motion and independence within your body; help your body age gracefully.

TULA REST: This restorative yoga offers a pioneering sequence of gentle movements, guided meditation and series of floor postures supported by blocks, blankets or bolsters. This practice will deeply rejuvenate your whole body.

GOLDILOCKS: 60 minutes of TULA Flow taught by a trained instructor new to the classroom. Your instructor will learn as much from you as you will from them. $5 donation. 

FRIDAY NIGHT VIBES: Anything from metal to hip-hop, check the schedule for this week's vibe.


TULA BARRE: 50 minutes of isolated movements to help strengthen, tone, and elongate your muscles; all while listening to your favorite tunes. This will also include using hand weights, bands, and core ball props. This is great for all levels + all ages.

TULA BOOTY: Influenced from our own Booty Barre training. Shake what your mama gave you.

TULA|RIO BLEND: Barre is a combo of pilates, yoga, and ballet. This ballet heavy focused class will leave you feeling strong, energize & ready to dance.

BUILD + BREATHE: 50-minute class split between barre and yoga. Build your muscles then breathe into sweet release.


TULA BURN: Burn whatever you've got; ride hard, fast, and to loud beats. The music will keep you going while your heart rate takes a roller coaster ride. Burn away your fears, your day, or that whoopie pie you had for breakfast.

TULA BREEZE: Keep your heart rate moving to some breezy beats with small weight intervals for a full-body workout. A great intro to cycling without all that bass. Everyone will enjoy this ride.

BURN + BUILD: Half riding|Half barre. Ride fast then follow up with isolated muscle movements @ the barre to continue the burn while you stretch + strengthen. 

BURN + BREATHE: It's all about the balance. 30 minutes on the bike followed by 20 minutes of deep stretching + cool down.