Aerial Yoga is one of the newest yoga styles that is a fusion of regular yoga and aerial acrobatics done in a suspended aerial silk hammock designed to deepen stretches. Aerial yoga allows the body to reap the benefits of inversions without strain to the neck or the joints of the body, allowing for more intense benefits from postures. At Tula we focus our classes on fundamentals of aerial yoga and together work our way up to more advanced poses. Our goal with each class is to find flow, comfort, and trust in your aerial hammock. With each class you will begin creating strength, flexibility, and balance to prepare for more advanced poses.

Aerial slow flow [decompression]:

Great for beginners and all levels. This is an all-levels class where students use aerial hammocks to gently support aerial poses, mindful stretches, and foundational inversions. Aerial SLOW Flow is recommended as an introduction to Aerial yoga or as a regular practice. You will learn many of the aerial postures. In this class, we will focus on technique, decompression through the spine and joints, and gentle strength building. The class ends with a deeply relaxing rest in the hammock cocoon.

Aerial FLOW:

[1-2 slow flows suggested]

Aerial Flow is the ideal class for students who are looking to advance their aerial yoga practice. (A minimum 2 SLOW Flow classes is recommended prior to Aerial Flow.) This class builds on foundational skills from SLOW Flow while incorporating creative sequences influenced by vinyasa, advanced inversions, and strength-conditioning. You can expect each class to be different and unique, and most likely the addition of props and mat-based flow. 

Aerial YIN:

Aerial Yin is a deeply nourishing class focuses on the practice and lineage of Yin yoga in that it allows for the surrender, opening, and slowing down. Props will be utilized to support the physical body while aligning with the meridians, including blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, and the aerial hammock. This practice does not require any yoga or aerial experience and is gently guided to allow for grounding and rest. Aerial yin will play with the edge of effort and ease, asking you to unravel layers not only of the physical body but the mental and emotional bodies as well. Slowing down may seem easier, but after Yin you will realize that is not always the case. 

Restorative yoga:

Restorative yoga is an all-levels class in which we will utilize the aerial hammock, rope wall, chair-yoga, and props for a creative and versatile class. You will be guided through a nurturing 60-minute sequence, holding poses for longer periods of time, enhancing alignment and allowing for accessibility of yoga for everybody. 

Yogis of all levels will benefit from Restorative yoga practice. 



Due to the high demand for our Aerial classes, we have implemented the following policies to keep the students safe, and to make sure those who arrive to class on time get to attend the class.

  • Students who DO NOT arrive at least 10 minutes early may not have their hammocks adjusted. This is to avoid making students who arrive on time wait and to keep the students safe by minimizing hammock adjustments after the start of the class.

  • Online reservation is strongly recommended. You don’t want to arrive to find yourself without a hammock.

  • If you do not arrive 5 min before the start of class you may lose your reservation, and you still will be charged for the class.

  • 3-hour cancellation notice is required, or class will be deducted as a no-show.

  • Please sign-in with the front desk when you arrive, even if you have a reservation.

  • DO NOT wear anything with zippers or buttons.

  • Please do not wear perfumes or scented creams or oils on the hammocks.

  • Leave your jewelry at home, earrings or bracelets can snag the soft silk fabrics.

  • We DO NOT allow anyone to FLIP, SPIN, or CLIMB onto the hammocks before or after ANY Aerial classes or workshops. Teacher’s direct guidance and supervision is required for ANY use of the hammocks.

  • You DO need a Yoga mat. Studio mats are available.


  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in. This will give you time to change and set aside belongings.

  • Please turn off your cellphones.

  • Remove your shoes before entering the studio class room.

  • If you are late please wait for the teacher to acknowledge you and find the best space for you.

  • If you are late your spot will be given to the next student on the waitlist.

  • Only leave early if you must, but we prefer that you stay through the end of class to avoid disturbing others during Savasana. This allows everyone a few minutes of quiet time after practice.


You DO need a yoga mat! 

Wear tight fitting, stretchy clothing

Do not eat a large meal right before class

Come 10 minutes early so we can fit the fabric to your height

Book your aerial yoga class in advance - they fill up fast


Creates spinal decompression 

Relieves spinal pain

Improves blood circulation

Deepens stretches with minimal pressure on the joints

Makes you laugh, lifts the mood and invites a playful state of being

Complements your regular yoga practice by offering assistance to certain yoga poses

The elevation of your body in the silk creates a lengthening of muscles unlike any other kind of exercise

Supports strength building and keeps the body strong, flexible and healthy 

Aerial Yoga offers supported and safe inversions which are incredibly healing

It can be a little scary...this helps you face some fears, encourages trust and allows you to let go!



Glaucoma, Untreated Hypertension, Recent Dental Surgery (within two weeks), Recent Botox (within two weeks), Recent Surgery - Neck, Hand, Shoulder (within two weeks), Hernia, Vertigo, Head Injury, Severe Arthritis, Sinusitus, Hip Replacement, Stroke, Epilepsy, Seizures, Herniated or slipped disks